Bromley Mountain

Bromley's predominant southern exposure means it's a must to bring your sunscreen, even on those short December and early January days. The sun may not shine long on such days, but it will shine on Bromley.

The Terrain
Intermediates have the central part of the mountain nearly to themselves, and can turn laps happily up the Sun Mountain Express and down Twister, Sunset Pass, or Shincracker to their hearts' delight.

Beginners get to survey the view from the summit, and then take Run Around #1 down to the base, but most of the easier terrain is lower down, off the Plaza or East Meadow doubles.

The eastern aspect of Bromley is devoted almost entirely to advanced skiers and riders, who can ride the Blue Ribbon fixed-grip quad until it's time to head down to the lodge. Trails like Blue Ribbon, Pabst Panic, and Avalanche Glade offer a surprising challenge to those who have only seen the front side of Bromley while driving past.

With 80% snowmaking coverage and a 1,950 foot base elevation the mountain's southern exposure doesn't mean soggy snow, just more sun. 10 lifts serve forty trails (fourty-four if you include the glades), about evenly divided among ability levels.

Bromley maintains three terrain parks for the freeriders. Bonanza Park is for novice skiers and riders, with hits and features made a bit smaller so that you can learn the tricks of the trade more easily. Then there's the Unforgiven Boardercross course, which features hips, tabletops, and banked turns for all of you looking to combine some speed with your air. Finally, there's the Halo Freestyle Park which has tons of hits, and Blue J Rails to get you that jib fix.


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